The world is full of wonderful and breathtaking destinations for those who are interested to look and visit. Every year there are thousands of people who book their flights to different holiday destinations for an adventurous or relaxing escapade. The perfect summer holiday is all about planning; your flights, your accommodation, and of course your outfits.

Being an avid traveler, I have seen and known quite a few places. I have discovered a few tips and tricks of knowing what to add in your suitcase/travelers backpack when heading to some place unfamiliar. So I thought of picking out a beautiful holiday destination city from each continent and give an overall idea on what to take there while you are traveling.

A basic tip is to always study the place prior to visiting it. The season/weather is important to consider. Try to keep an easy dress code, comfortable if a lot of walking is involved, with classic shapes and neutral colours, along with simple accessories that could go with anything. You should always take one or two elegant party wear in case you hit a fancy restaurant or attend an elegant occasion, and don't forget the shoes! If you keep your wardrobe right you can be ready for any occasion.

Corsica Island, Europe

If you are someone who likes to travel to places with a summery tropical weather and beaches to go to, then Corsica Island is the place to be. Its mesmerizing and stunning beaches are surely a must visit for all. Being an island, its weather is a typical hot dry, summers and mild, rainy winters. Therefore it is best to take with you some cotton or chiffon shirts and pants for a cool breezy feel. You can even go for long maxi dresses. Accessorize your look with some tastefully fashionable beady necklaces or pendants. Take out those scarves to protect your skin from the sun or just an added classy accessory. Don't forget your sunglasses when you go out for a hike around the town or at the beach in the morning.

Chile, South America

Another place to visit in the summers is Chile (My home country!) from the South American region. Chile has numerous ancient sites to see including Incaic Architecture, the Moai on Easter Island among others. Vina del Mar in Valparaiso is famous for its beaches and the song festival. For a beach trip, you can't miss La Serena in the north and for a more adventurous experience to Antofagasta where you find the driest desert on earth, mines and amazing natural beauty to enjoy. Due to the fact that Chile has all four seasons, it's wise to invest in layers. This may include a base shirt/t shirt with some sweatshirts and a fleece jacket. These may be great while exploring architectural sites. While going to the beach, jazz up your simple shirt with statement earrings or a necklace. Scarves may also brighten up your outfit. And don't forget your fancy outfit, there are many restaurants and places to go where you may need a more elegant look!

Maldives, Asia

From Asia, the most amazing place to visit is Maldives. It is globally famous for its spectacularly clear sandy beaches and resorts. Commonly visited by honeymoon couples, but it won't hurt to have a girls trip there of your own. With its tropical climate, it’s wise to take with you lightweight clothing to escape the heat. Drape or loose fitted pants and tops are ideal for the weather. You can get fashionable drape pants from as well. You can also take a long skirt as well for the beach. Keep in mind that Maldives is a Muslim country so it’s important to dress appropriately. You can take a shawl or a large scarf with you if you need to cover your head and all. You can experiment with your statement necklaces and earrings while going to the beach or dinner at night.

Kenya, Africa

Talking about another beautiful must go holiday destination with once in a lifetime experience is Kenya from the African continent. Kenya is famous for its Safari Parks and its amazing beaches. For Safari trips, it’s ideal to wear medium toned and dark clothes with a brimming hat to protect yourself from the sun. The coastal areas are ideal tourist spots with tropical climate. If you are heading to town then it’s advisable to dress up properly as it’s a Muslim country. Also avoid wearing black and blue colours as it attracts certain types of illness prone mosquitoes. You can always accessorize with scarves and statement jewelry on beach resorts. Don’t forget your mosquito repellent!

Canada, North America

If you are planning to go to North America, especially in the Canadian side then there are plenty of tourist attractions to visit. Keep in mind that Canada is a cold place so it’s advisable to take layers of clothing; from t shirts to coats and jackets. Spice up your winter clothing with a statement scarf or even a necklace and earrings. Accessorizing in a cold winter goes a long way.

Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Lastly from the down-under, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are the places to be visiting for a holiday.  Both of these cities are rich with colonial architecture as well as many festivals. The best time to visit Sydney is during September-November or March-May. These are the Spring Seasons with moderate temperature. Keep some layers of clothing to feel comfortable in the chilly weather. With so many festivals to attend to, keep your fancy tops and lowers with you and accessorize them with statement jewelry and have fun!

These are some of the places that I wanted to suggest, whether you are looking for this summer holiday  or any time in the near future . Hopefully they will be helpful to you the next time you think of planning a short get away from your routine life.

Travelling is maybe the best way to invest money in something that really stays with you for life. It gives you not just pleasure but it helps to open up our minds to understand the differences between people, custom, believes, and even to be more grateful about what we have. If there is something that I am really thankful about is the opportunities that i have had to travel and see the world!


Felices vacaciones!

(Happy Holidays!)

Paula Tesoro