I hope everyone had a wonderful, joyous and delicious Eid Holidays!

But that doesn’t mean all the festivities have to stop. Everyone knows that after Ramadan and Eid comes the wedding season and there is plenty of work to do for that!

Wedding season is the time when we are prepped with our new wedding clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and even beauty parlour appointments are checked off from the essential to do list. From brides, to bride’s cousins and even those remotely related but invited are all in a frenzy to get the best of the best. This means, the time is now to get your preparations going!

This season it's all about latest trends in our traditional closet.  Whether it’s revival of the centuries old authentic style “Farshi Gharara” or a modern twist with an off shoulder kameez, women strive to one up the rest by gorgeously flaunting the ongoing fashion in these events.

Well, there will be plenty of fashion parade to be seen this wedding season, but let’s talk about my favourite category; jewelry and accessories.

 No wedding season is devoid of the glitter and glamor of the traditional Mughal style jewelry. This culture has always been strong since centuries.

 Nowadays, there is a growing popularity of various other styles of traditional jewelry among women. This is because of their timeless elegance and sophisticated designs. Every bridal trousseau consists of such timeless pieces.

 First up is the traditional earrings called Chandbalis. These statement earrings have become a popular trend among women in weddings. They are basically shaped like an inverted crescent and mostly made of Kundun Jewelry design with multicoloured stones as well as hints of pearls. Women wear it with traditional dresses as they instantly catch attention.

 When it comes to necklaces, there are various styles. One popular design is the Guluband. It is basically a choker or a collar necklace which are made of intricate filigree work filled with precious stones and dangling pearls. This magnificent necklace is worn with sarees, ghararas and other traditional dresses for an enhanced elegant look.

 Rani Haar is also growing in popularity among women for wedding wear. It is a long necklace with multiple strings of pearls held together with two brooches on both side and a large pendant in the middle. The length of it looks grand, elegant and fills up the whole attire with glittering jewels. It is commonly worn as it is or paired with a Guluband by traditional brides.

 Arsi Rings have also taken a comeback in the traditional jewelry trends. It is a magnificently unusual ring with a mirror feature in the center. It comes in different shapes but mostly it's round. The edges are decorated with Kundun work and stones embellishment. The best part about this ring is that you can take a peak of your reflection every now and then using the mirror feature to check if everything is ship shape!

All these exquisite and timeless pieces are worn increasingly during the wedding season by all the fashionable women in Pakistan. Tesoro offers you all these trending traditional pieces, made with premium quality materials, which mirrors the authentic traditional jewelry style but with one major plus point, all Affordable! You don’t need to spend more to look Amazing!

 So add Tesoro Accessories to your list while preparing for the upcoming season. I am very excited to see you all in your outstanding suits while enjoying the Wedding Season with Family and Friends.

Feliz Semana a todos!

(Happy Week you all!)

 Paula Tesoro