Every season, Mother Nature changes her moods through temperature and colours; dark and gloomy hues in the winters while bright lively shades in the spring and summer seasons. Thus using inspiration from nature and its marvels in your everyday wear is a perfect way to express yourself and be in harmony with your surroundings.

Various international fashion labels strive hard to offer a unique collection at the start of every season on their fashion runway shows. Seasonal colours are at the utmost priority for these brands as they are the ones who eventually set the fashion trends for colours around the world.

I love to experiment with colours in my wardrobe while keeping it simple and comfortable to cope with the heat. Mix and matching with accessories is what defines my everyday style.

This summer season, there have been many new colour trends which have appeared in the runway fashion shows, international as well as local. Many different shades of the same colour are seen rocking the runway by various designers and they all look fabulous!

I will be discussing a few of these colours which can be used in clothes as well as accessories that you can wear daily. And the best part is that you can find all these colours, in clothes and accessories, at Tesoro stores and at Tesoro.pk

While white is a must have colour in your closet in terms of every kind of wearable; you can’t but help wanting to add some colour to all that whiteness for the summer. So following are some of the colours I recommend for this season, which can bring a cool yet enliven feel to your wardrobe.

Let’s start up with some lighter shades. I love the Rose Quartz that has emerged in the Fashion Weeks around the world.  It gives off a flushed cheek impression thus reflecting its lively naivety. Pair this colour with some similar pale shades including peach echo and serenity blue, and get that adorable nursery kind of vibe to you. Flaunt these colours in your chiffon tops, scarves and even pants to get that eye candy look in the scorching heat.

Iced Coffee is the colour that I adore this season. It may appear as pale brown but it has an earthy neutral feel to it which feels tranquil to the eyes. You can go all monochrome with this colour or pair it with a Rose Quartz or Lilac Grey in terms of a handbag, jewelry or shoes, it will not go wrong.

Moving on to the brighter shades, some colours are exciting and full of spirit. Like the Tangerine orange and Buttercup. I love to own a tote bag featuring these two colours. Just looking at these colours makes me feel happy and boosts my energy for the day. Imagine how you will bring that energy to a dull place by cladding yourself with such awesome colours.  

Limpet Shell or Shell blue and Periwinkle are an absolute favourite when it comes to trendy jewelry for the season. Sparkling zircon earrings or a petite pendant of these colours can be paired with any college or office wear. Reflect these colours in a fancy clutch bag for a formal night out and out shine the rest!

So there you have it! These are some of my favourite colours for the Spring/Summer of 2016. You can mix and match all these colours as well as other shades that you like and create your own style statement while being in the summery trend.

Viva el Verano!

( Hurray for the summer! )

Paula Tesoro