Have you ever wondered why pearls are considered to be the ultimate best friend to a woman? Why is it that for centuries and decades we have seen women traditionally adorning themselves with strings of pearls on every occasion? Have you questioned the fact that why pearls play an important role in changing the whole look for a woman?

 Hold your breath because today I will tell you why pearls have such a high stature in the jewelry world.

 Pearls are made from a pebble in an oyster which is naturally formed into this gleaming and mesmerizing whiteness. It is the fact that they are formed from such an insignificant thing into a priceless stone is what sets them apart.

 Symbolically, they have always been synonymous with sophistication and timeless beauty. Pearls being an epitome of feminine grace go beyond just a piece of jewelry. It represents a cultural and historical significance. They are a symbol of transformation from a young woman into adulthood.

 They have also been a symbol of royalty and high stature in traditional society. But they came in the mainstream fashion scene after being adorned by fashionably influential women around the world. One cannot forget that magnificent pearl choker necklace on Audrey Hepburn while appearing as Holly Golightly in the iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Oh how that movie has been lingered on from generations to generations and Audrey Hepburn making it all worthwhile.  

 Women consider pearls as their best friends because of their go-with-anything charm. With pearls you can never go wrong at any occasion. Wear it casual or formal, it will always give off a classic elegant look. Pair it with a range of colours shapes and stones or just a string of pearls, it will give an instant elegance.

 There are many forms in the jewelry world through which you can adorn yourself in the jewelry world for women. From necklaces to bracelets to earrings and rings, all can accentuate your beauty with its gleaming pearls. Nowadays, faux pearls are fashionably worn as a form of high street fashion thus worn by majority. So, go for a single white pearl gleaming from below your neckline or a string of pearls surrounding your neck, to enrich your everyday classy look.

 Wearing drop pearl earrings will add to your glow when you are looking for that detail in your look. Pearl studs are ideal for classy professional women or just a quick fix to make you look classy and chic for special occasion. When thinking about what to buy for your mom, you can never go wrong by giving her a lovely pair of studs pearls surrounded by glittery stones. But if you want to go ahead and make her or someone you love feel like a queen, you can pair that with a matching ring! For bracelets, you can always stack up some strings of pearl on one wrist or just singles on both wrists. Don’t worry, because all these styles will go with any ensemble. That's the beauty of pearls.

 Pearls can be worn in conventional designs as well as traditional designs, in any case giving off a regal feel. We can see traditional jewelry designs like Raani Haar, Jhumar, Tikka, Maatha patti and Jhumkas among others, having pearls as their main stone with other precious and semi-precious stones decorating it. Most of the brides in western, even eastern weddings, deck themselves up pearl jewelry.

It's no surprise when we hear that pearls have pushed diamonds aside and emerged more popular than diamonds at auction. With their ultimate sophisticated look and some reinforcement by celebrities and icons as their ultimate formal jewelry wear, everyone now wants their hands on pearls rather than diamonds.

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Me encantan las perlas!, what about you?

( I love pearls!)


Paula Tesoro