Since gifts are always about the person who is going to receive the present we have to forget our own taste and think about that person’s lifestyle and taste.

There are plenty of options for gifts, no question about lack of choices and availability. But it all boils down to a matter of shortlisting some potential ideas and working around our budget.

Having the online store,, has been very convenient because the filters end up being our personal assistant for shopping. That way we always land on the right place to exactly what we want and in the budget which we have decided for it!

But when it comes to deciding on what present to give, it can be a bit tedious. There are various factors that you have to consider while picking out the ideal gift. The occasion and her taste are two of the most important factors to consider. The longer you have known this person, the higher the expectations there are to get something that she wants and loves. In Pakistan, the most common gift is a piece of clothing from a well known brand, regardless of age. If you are lucky you will get a nice envelope with some cash to spend however you want. But there are so many options in women's accessories to choose from which can prove to be a unique and thoughtful gift. It can be a timeless piece which can be worn alone or with something else.

In order to help you in deciding the ideal gifts for her, I have put together a short list of gift accessories that you can pick and choose accordingly.

There are many women whom we like to present with gifts which are thoughtful and tasteful. Relationships which are worthy of giving a personalized, expensive gift include close relatives like mother, daughter, niece, grandmother, aunt, best friends and cousins. While there are those acquaintances for whom personalized and price can be compromised including party hosts, brides or even your favourite teacher whom you want to show your gratitude.

Whether it’s a teenage fashionista whom you are gifting or your Aunt, statement bags are always a great accessory gift for women. Women can never pass on a good offer on bags as this is a practical as well as fashionable accessory. If you are deciding what to gift your mother or your best friend on her birthday then this is a perfect item. For women with a more mature taste, tote bags with a glossy or matte finish and a top handle are something sophisticated and practical. Neutral colours like maroon, white, beige, grey or black would go perfectly. Bag as a gift for girls may feature something like a fancy satchel bag or a cross body one with fun and exciting colours. These colours may include yellow, orange or even those with some graphic illustrations.

Talking about bags, clutch bags are also a great gift accessory for young ladies. These can be gifted on birthdays, anniversary parties and bridal showers. Some ladies like their clutch bags to have some bling on them while others like the minimal design matte finished ones. Tesoro has a variety of clutch bags to choose from. Go for a clutch bag when in doubt because trust me, women can never have enough bags! We have many suits to match with and endless occasions to wear them on.

You can definitely make your sister, friend and mom very happy the day you decide for something like this.

Jewelry as a gift is something sophisticated and classic for women. If it is an occasion worth being remembered and marks an important part of her life like a wedding, anniversary or something to celebrate her graduation; a jewelry gift will always be cherished and something to be remembered. You can buy a light formal jewelry set or a very fancy one as a bridal trousseau, for your daughter.

Allah pendants are one of our favourite accessory, not just for Eid or other religious celebrations; they are beautiful, meaningful and affordable.

When in doubt, bracelets and rings are a perfect gift accessory for her. To your wife, you can always gift her a solitaire ring and a tennis bracelet, individually as well as a set. Presenting a pair of chandelier earrings will be ideal for her so that she can complete her look for any formal occasion including weddings, dinners, Iftaaris to come and others.

To your mom, a beautiful pair of earrings is something that she will always love to receive as a gesture of your love and appreciation. Other than that, delicate bracelet which matches with her favourite formal wear or a new suit is definitely something thoughtful and tasteful.

For your friends, you can always gift them our delicate sets or a nice pair of tops.

Hope these few ideas and tips help you in sparking your imagination in deciding the perfect gift for her! Otherwise you can always turn to Tesoro, where you will surely find something worthy that will end up being a success.  

“La verdadera felicidad esta en dar mas que en recibir” - Paula Tesoro

(The real happiness comes from giving more than receiving)

Have a wonderful and happy week!


Paula Tesoro