I believe change is always for the better, it gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to have a fresh start. When talking about fashion trends, some always come back after a while, with a new perspective and innovation, something added or taken, to give it a fresh look.

I have seen this change in Pakistani Fashion trends, in terms of party wear, everyday attire, traditional style etc, and I believe it is going into the right direction.

In the last decade, leading fashion designers and trendsetters in Pakistan have been daring enough to revolutionize their collections by infusing traditional shalwar kameez with western style of clothing. From cold shoulder to long skirts, these revolutionary styles are taking the market by storm.

I appreciate the freedom of Pakistani women to express their traditional clothes and also their interpretation of the changes in the society. They are becoming more open to international fashion. We can see women speaking out about the things that they like and dislike, having a voice in every single aspect of our society and striving to make a mark. Consequently, clothing has been and is, an important way of expressing that freedom!

Fashion has mainly been about clothes in Pakistan. In recent decades, the trend of buying suits has been increased exponentially. At the turn of every season, new volumes of cotton and lawn suit collections are being introduced by clothing brands and designers. These collections have a large following in the domestic and international market due to their quality fabric, unique designs and great influence in the trends.

With Pakistan having a predominantly conservative culture, fashion designers don't have enough room to make big variations with the conventional pair of shalwar kameez. Still they manage to move the industry around, creating excitement among women for the "next season and upcoming trends". They make their own "creative interpretation"; to match what's trending internationally.

Accessories, on the other hand, have been in the fashion scene for centuries among women and men. Their fashion have evolved a lot through the years. Now new jewelry trends have emerged. Even though the traditional gold driven mindset is still there. Especially when it comes to traditional celebrations like weddings, where &"kundan and polky" pieces are a must, paired with "saris and lehngas".

But still, the same women wearing those traditional pieces will be seen having a tea party or a movie date with their friends the next day. They will be going out for dinner to the new restaurant in town while wearing trendy modern jewelry including layered thin rings or just a statement piece; thin adjustable cuffs or a big one, layered with a couple of thin tennis bracelets. They will be spotted carrying the latest bag or an envelope clutch to keep their style simple but fashionable! This is in fact the most interesting thing about Pakistan, how different styles and fashion trends live a "happy life" combined. As a result you don't need to choose one, you can follow them both!

At Tesoro we work really hard to cope with the need of the market, to create that trend here by  offering the best quality and designs in fashion accessories.

We offer all the latest jewelry trends and also ethnic jewelry. We understand the diversity of style thus motivating us to keep the largest variety of accessories in Pakistan!

Despite the fact that we update our collection according to the latest jewelry trends, still we encourage women to create their fashion individuality by accessorizing according to their taste. These accessories have the ability to showcase your personality. Whether through vibrant bags or funky jewelry, you can be as adventurous and daring as you want! You don't have to be too flamboyant just for the sake of accessorizing, but can experiment keeping to your personality …

Funky or Classic, Modern or Traditional, in the end whatever you wear is the externalization of your inner side, that is something that nobody can or should fake. Never follow a trend for the sake of being considered "fashionable" the best advice I can give you is "Be always Yourself!", "Se tu misma!" That uniqueness is your Real Beauty!!!

Con Amor,

(With Love)

Paula Tesoro