Millions of Muslims, including our loyal customers are observing the month of Ramadan from today for this year, so I thought of saying a few words regarding this Holy month.

 Ramadan is a month of blessing and forgiveness, kindness and patience, where emphasize is on fasting, prayer, charity and community. Out of the whole year, Allah Has granted one month and given the opportunity to cleanse our soul through prayer and steadfastness to Allah's Teaching. It is not only about increasing the religious duties and obligations; it's about self-reflection as a Muslim in terms of deeds and thoughts.

 It is through fasting that muslims devote their energy in remembering our Creator. It is through abstinence from food and other worldly desires that we try to find the true meaning of our existence. This is the month when all who follow Islam try to observe modesty in everything they do.

 All over the world, the arrival of this Holy month is celebrated in full vigor. Women are eager to get their hands on the best deals in supermarkets to prepare suhoor and iftaar for the family, young ones are excited to keep their first roza (fast) while learning the dos and don'ts of fasting from elders, and the office going people look forward to lesser hours and slow work pace.

 Ramadan also comes with a variety of food. The most important is the various types of dates which flood the market. Dates are one of the essential parts of breaking the fast at the time of iftaar. It is followed by a large quantity of tasty and fried food like the traditional samosas, and drinks, in order to satisfy hunger and cravings.

 It is also the time when restaurants offer amazing iftaar deals for friends and family to break their fast and enjoy together. Relatives and friends hold iftaar dinners at each others place and celebrate the fervour of this Holy Month. It is these little festivities and togetherness that makes this month so special for Muslims. There is an increased sense of empathy, humility and community in the society that is surely a great thing to experience.

 Time is flying nowadays. Its Monday today and the next thing you know it's Friday already and you have no idea where the time went. You see your child crawling around in the house and the next thing you know he/she is graduating from high school. Time never stops, it will pass and so will this Holy month of Ramadan. So don't let this golden chance slip away too quickly without doing much! It is a wonderful opportunity to change yourself for the better; inside and out. To strive to be a better Muslim and a better human being than you were the day before.

 Most importantly, thank your blessings and be grateful to Allah for what you have today.

 May you all have a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan!

Paula Tesoro