The month of Ramadan for Muslims, doesn't only help in terms of enhancing spiritual obligations, but also a chance to come together as a community in times of joy and need. It is a time of forgiveness and charity.

It’s all about spreading love and care, so whats the best way to express those feelings than to present a thoughtful gift to someone.

This is the time when families and friends are invited to each others homes for iftaar dinners and Taraweeh prayers. You mark your calendar and plan to attend these gathering. So it will be nice to bring a gift or two along for the host as a sign of gratitude and appreciation.

Gifts can also be given to those young ones who have observed fast for the first time. It marks a special day for them as they show patience through proper way of fasting.

But the question remains, what is suitable to give as a gift in Ramadan? As a strict fasting routine is observed throughout the month so gift ideas are very important as it gets difficult to think of something interesting while observing fast.

Therefore, in order to make it easy for you to decide, I have compiled a list of gift ideas for women, from Tesoro Accessories collections as well as other ideas, which will be appropriate in Ramadan:

  1.       Islamic/Allah Pendants

Jewelry is always a good idea when it comes to gifts for women. Most of the time, the iftaar dinner hosts are women who work hard in preparing edibles to break the fast. That is why at the top of the list naturally, we have the Allah Pendants or the Islamic Verse Pendants.

These pendants hold a great value and significance, not just as an accessory but because of the meaning. Tesoro has a variety of stylized pendants with Quranic Verses and Allah's Name in Arabic script which can beautifully adorn your neck. These include Bismillah, Masha'Allah among other verses. These pendants and medallions come with matching gold or silver toned chains which are easily wearable and of the right length.

These pendants can also be a cherished and memorable gift for a girl who is a first time roza (fast) observer.

  1.        Allah Earrings

Allah earrings are also a tasteful and thoughtful idea as a Ramadan gift. It is a perfect token for an iftaar dinner host or just for your friend or a family member.

Tesoro offers delightful earrings collection with Allah written in Arabic script. They are mostly in the form of studs or tops which are easy to wear with any ensemble and are not too ostentatious. These are some of our reasonably priced collection with stylized designs to fit your taste and suitability.

For Islamic Pendants and Earrings, you can always order online from our online store, from the convenience of your home and get them delivered at your doorstep.

  1.     Light Formal Sets

Light Jewelry sets including Pendants and earrings or with stylish necklace, can also prove to be a very thoughtful gift. The design and colours of these sets may depend on the taste and style of the women you are gifting to.

These sets can also be an advanced Eid gift to your friend or family member, who can surely match it with their new clothes and adorn themselves while celebrating Eid.

Tesoro offers a wide collection of Light Formal Sets for you to choose from, for your loved ones.

  1.       Scarf

Apart from jewelry, you can also gift a scarf to your friend or a family member. A flowy chiffon or cotton scarf with some nice abstract designs or even plain one is an important and useful gift. As Ramadan is the time when Muslims increase their spiritual obligations like namaz (prayer), for women it is nice to have a separate scarf set aside to perform such duties. So a scarf as a gift will not only be useful but also highly appreciated thus making it a success.

  1.       Food

Last but not the least, if you are still in doubt what kind of gift to take with you for your iftaar dinner host, or present it to your neighbor in the spirit of Ramadan then always go for food!

A nice pack of dates or local sweets or even a savory dish; anything that you can manage to make at your home or a delicacy which you can get from a reputable bakery, will always prove to be a success as a gift when invited to someone’s place. Pakistan is a place where food plays an important role in terms of entertainment, and bringing friends and family together to enjoy the moment.

So make your visit or gathering even sweeter by presenting something edible to others.

There you have it! These are some of the ideas that I believe will always be a success as a Ramadan gift. Hope these ideas help you but don’t forget, the most important thing in this holy month is the spiritual journey, not the material things. So take these as ideas but keep in mind the real priorities as nothing will work if you don’t feed your spirit.

Feliz Ramadan!

(Ramadan Mubarak)

Paula Tesoro