There is almost a week left till the end of Ramadan! It is during this time that Ramadan is in full throttle. People are busy in as much prayer and devotion as possible. Along with that they take time out to spend with family and friends for Iftaar. And lastly shopping areas experience increase in rush as people start preparing themselves for the biggest event after Ramadan i.e Eid ul Fitr.

Eid ul Fitr, or commonly referred to it as Eid, is the festival which marks an end of the blessed month Ramadan or the month of fasting. It is the time when people rejoice through food, visiting friends and family.

So with all the time spent in prayer, fasting and other stuff, people hardly get time to think of what to buy as an Eid gift for their friends and family or even to complete the looks we have been preparing for the days of celebration to come. Traditionally, elders hand out new crisp notes of money, called Eidi, to young ones basically as a gift and as a token of affection. But gifts are also seen being exchanged between friends and family to commemorate this special occasion.

If you are thinking about someone or looking for some ideas for yourself, I have list down some ideas for you, from our Tesoro collection. These i think will really work wonderfully for this special occasion.

When we think about giving a gift to someone we always have to make the decision having in mind the lifestyle and preferences of that particular person. Since in Tesoro, we have things for all the budgets and styles that would make it much easier to decide.

  1.       Religious Pendants

Jewelry is always a good idea as a gift for women. When it comes to occasions like Eid, it is always nice to find the Islamic alternative due to its significance and importance. Tesoro offers a wide collection of reasonably priced Religious pendants with a ting of fashionable flair. From pendants with Allah’s name on it in calligraphy to medallions with Quranic Verses in gold or silver tones; we have them all.

  1.     Summer Color Clutches

As this year, it’s in the scorching summer that this Eid has decided to grace ourselves with. Therefore it’s important to present gifts which coincide with colours appropriate for the season. So that’s why I suggest Summer Coloured Clutches.

There is a wide variety of clutches for women available at Tesoro. A variety of styles, designs and shape are there for you to choose from. The colours which I suggest are from this year’s latest colour trends. These include Limpet Shell, light Aqua and Rose Quartz. This cute palette brings colors that will match perfectly not just with your Eid Clothes but with your nice summer lawn, adding to the coolness effect.

  1.    Delicate Set

With Eid preparation in full swing, women and young ladies excitedly shop for jewelry sets to match with their Eid clothes. These sets are mostly in delicate semi-formal feature. Then what better way to make someone’s Eid special than by gifting them a matching delicate jewelry set with their Eid clothes.

Tesoro has a wide collection of such delicate light jewelry sets which are perfect for a thoughtful giveaway on occasions. These petite yet elegant light formal sets can be worn on any special occasion, even on Eid.

The plus point is that you can always wear these sets together or separately so you get 2 in 1 depending on the occasion.

  1.     Polki Earrings

Eid is not complete without something traditional and elegant to wear. Our Polki Earrings collection are the perfect present for anyone who enjoys dressing up for the special occasions, Eid, Weddings or any formal celebration where we use the traditional clothes. The beauty of Polki style earrings are that they go so well with any colour or style and give the wearer an added grace.

With the Wedding Season to come, these wonderful pieces will have a very good use not just for Eid but for the upcoming events.

For more discover a range of such classic ethnic jewelry from from where you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

  1.      Zircon Earrings

For more of a fancier approach, go for an ornate jewelry piece from our fancy Zircon Earrings collection. These sparkling and dangling earrings may prove to be an elegant addition to your ensemble and your jewelry collection.

It is always a win win situation when it comes to gifting jewelry to women, any time of the year..

We know that  when it comes to show your love, care and affection the gifts are not the most important thing, in fact this Holy Month is far from that. I just wanted to help you with few suggestions if you feel like giving yourself a treat or any of your beloved once.

You can always be the reason for someone’s happiness and joy on this auspicious occasion. If you let us we would like to be part of that. Tesoro Family is here to Celebrate with you…


Feliz Eid!

(Eid Mubarak!)

Paula Tesoro